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Here are just a few of the businesses that are enjoying machines that I have serviced.
Ray's Place, Kent Ohio,- with 6 NCR Class 6000s
Grand Pa's Cheesebarn, Ashland Ohio,- with 5 NCR's Class 51, Class 52, Class 22, Class 51, Class 2114 Classic
The Loft, Kent Ohio,- with 3 NCR Class 1900s 1 Class 6000
Ellet Meat Market, Akron Ohio, - Floor Model NCR 6000
Sonny's Barber Shop, Akron Ohio, - NCR 1900
Carmen Studio, Akron Ohio, - NCR Class 225
Ocepec Pottery. Akron Ohio, - NCR Class 21
Shaft's Grocery, Berea Ohio, - NCR Class 24
Quick Service Welding, Kent Ohio, - NCR Class N2000
Rossi Studio, Canton Ohio, - NCR Class 225
Apollo's Greek Kitchen, Columbus, Ohio, - NCR Class 24
Dick's Den, Columbus Ohio, - NCR Class 24
Tommy's Diner, Columbus Ohio, - NCR 1900
Bier Stube, Columbus Ohio, - NCR Class 24
Spiros Rest.,Columbus, Ohio, - NCR Class 24
Shades Rest., Columbus Ohio - NCR Class 24
Groucho' Lounge, Columbus Ohio, - NCR Class 24
Goody Boy Drive-in, Columbus, Ohio - NCR Class 1900
Akron Antique Audio, Akron Ohio, - NCR Class 225
Bill Rogers California Beds, Greenville, Ohio, - NCR 6000
Flapper's Café, Detroit, Michigan, - NCR Class 1900
Grech's Salon, Cleveland, Ohio, - NCR Class 21
Hungry Redneck Café, Oregon, - NCR Class 21
"My Newest Customer"
TV Dinner Diner, Creston, Ohio, - NCR Class 22  
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